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    Fireplace Mantels Cedar Rapids

    Magnificent Fireplace Mantels and Decoration Options

    Finding fireplace mantels in Cedar Rapids, Iowa requires you to understand how to decorate these elements of your home thoroughly. Most shelves are very easy to decorate and can be adjusted depending on your needs. As a result, you need to take the time to fully understand the benefits of these decorative designs and how to add them to your home. Typically, you have many choices from which you can pick.

    Thankfully, you can utilize a variety of unique design ideas to make your mantel stand out from others in your area. The ideas below have been brainstormed and will produce unique looks and styles that are hard to top. Just as importantly, these designs will integrate your style preference uniquely and make sure that you get the best results possible.

    Utilize Fun Antique Designs

    If you want your fireplace mantels to look as attractive as possible, antiques may be a fun option. These items can fit very easily on your shelf to produce a unique look and style. Even better, they can be mixed and matched with other elements to provide an entertaining and unique style.

    For example, you can find antiques from a local shop, such as various types of horse items. These decorations, like whips and crops, are the right choice if you’re into riding horses or own them. However, you can also integrate other items in a way that makes your home stand out.

    The only limit here is your imagination and how willing you are to spend a little money on antiques. Most people can probably get away with utilizing a handful of items on their mantel, as you won’t need that many to make your home stand out and to attract interesting people to your home.

    Emphasize Size With Scaled-Down Items

    Many fireplace mantels utilize a myriad of large items to make them more attractive. However, you may want to integrate elements that aren’t so big to make your mantel more memorable. For example, some homeowners utilize scaled-down items to make their fireplace look more exciting and engaging.

    This step is often the right choice in two situations. If your fireplace is rather small, scaled-down items can help make it feel more substantial and look classier. However, larger stoves also pair well with smaller items because you can fit more on them, and they will emphasize the size of the unit.

    Whatever approach you take, make sure that you research before you install these items. Try to find things that look attractive on your mantel without drawing too much attention to themselves. Doing so ensures that you get the best results and make your mantel more beautiful for years to come.

    Mix Up Your Color Options

    When decorating your fireplace mantels, you need to keep in mind the different color options from which you can choose. A large number of people will go with a consistent style that emphasizes one color over others. However, you can also achieve positive effects by mixing and matching your colors in fun ways.

    For example, you can add porcelain items on your mantels that use blue and other colors to stand out. You can then add red decorative items to contrast with the porcelain, such as various stockings, clothes, and much more. This option is a great one for many reasons.

    First of all, multiple colors help to enhance the style of your mantel in a streamlined way. Secondly, these colors also help to draw the eye and make people interested in your home. Lastly, they create a diverse array of styles that are hard to get in any other way in your home.

    Don’t Forget a Mirror

    Lastly, you can add mirrors to your fireplace mantels to enhance your style in many ways. First of all, mirrors almost always make a room look bigger, which is an excellent idea if you’re in a small home. Mirrors also utilize high-quality frames that are attractive and which make your house better-looking.

    Hang a framed mirror – such as one with a gilded frame – above your mantel and pair it with other decorations to get a positive result. Typically, you’re going to want a mirror that is about the same size as your mantel to ensure that it looks as attractive as possible.

    Just as importantly, you should pair high-quality lighting options with your lamps to ensure that your mantel looks as great as possible. The mirror will not only enhance the quality of the light but create a unique reflective environment that will make your lamps look even more impressive.

    Don’t Neglect Professional Help

    As you can see, you can decorate your mantel in a variety of fun and unique ways. All you need to do is use your imagination, put a little hard work into the situation, and focus on emphasizing your fun and unique style. This option will ensure that you get the best results and make everyone in your home happy. Just as importantly, it will impress friends and family members who visit your house.

    So if you’re ready to have the most attractive fireplace mantels in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and you want the help that you deserve to do this right, please contact us at Comfort Solutions right away to learn more. Our experts have years of experience helping people like you and will work hard to ensure that your high-quality mantel is memorable to everyone who visits your home.

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